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Investment in Ampowr

This investment will strengthen and accelerate Ampowr’s deployment of high-tech energy storage power systems by pulling together the power of AI, Machine Learning, Monitoring, Forecasting and Load Predictions under the Ampowr Cosmos™ software platform (EMS).

Sideos post-pandemic update

At the beginning of 2021, we were in the middle of a storm that drastically changed the global economy and the world. Everyone around us rushed into digital services in order to weather this storm. It quickly became clear to us that in a few months the world would not be the same as it was before the pandemic.

Skeleton raises series D

The total financing in Round D amounts to €70.4 million, including €41.3 million announced in November 2020 to which €29 million have been added in Round D2, by investors such as the Marubeni Corporation, a group of Adyen alumni and several European industrial financiers.

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Bayonet raises another 0.5M

Bayonet Technologies, a startup that helps companies that do business online to protect their sales from fraud and increase the success rate of the payments they receive, raised a seed investment round of more than half a million dollars.


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