Where we incubate tomorrow’s products.

UNETI LABS is a rapid prototyping platform, set up to innovate through quickly building, validating and growing new ideas, concepts and features from scratch to functioning products.

What we do at LABS

At UNETI Labs we like to experiment, build and grow.
We help you grow your business with a long term strategic view.
To achieve this, we bring an experienced team and elaborate network experts to help us help you.

Product Development

We have facilities and expertise for
rapid prototyping, 3D printing,
IoT integration and the rest.


We have a library of battle-tested
playbooks for recruitment,
participation plans, and more.

Flexible Resources

We can help you find temporary
hands to solve the structural
challenges of a growing company.


We have a deep bench of experts
who can help you with legal,
ops and recruitment.


We help you find the scarce talent
that you need to build a
winning team.

Branding & Marketing

From positioning to branding, to
building traction channels, we’ve
got you covered.


Ideas that find support in LABS can
get instant seed funding to get
them towards an MVP.


You’ll have access to our giant
network for contacts, leads,
hiring prospects and fundraising.

Our Team

The UNETI Team consists of a core of ex-Adyen people, complemented with some experts met along the way. We form a complementary team with strengths in each of the areas relevant in tech-driven start-ups and scale-ups.

In order to support our investments further, we have assembled a team of operators to actively assist our investment through clearly defined projects within our expertise areas.

Caspar Walhout

Caspar leads Labs, and was there since inception. Before, he was a product lead at Adyen. Caspar holds an MSc in applied physics from the Twente University.

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Marjolein Van Der Heide
Legal Counsel

Marjolein supports our startups with legal matters. Before, she was a privacy and IT law consultant. Marjolein holds an LLM in information Law and a BSc in Artificial Intelligence.

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Daan Bernelot Moens
Business Lead GreenTech

Daan is our finance wizard. Before, he was an Energy Economist at Shell. Daan holds a MSc in econometrics from Erasmus University.

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Joop Aué
Software Engineer

Joop builds software applications for Labs. Before, he was a tech lead at Adyen. Joop holds a MSc in computer science from Delft University.

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Roberto Ramadhin
CTO & Consultant

Roberto designs systems and vets companies at Labs. Before, he worked for BCG and Capgemini. Roberto holds a MSc. in Mediatechnology from Leiden University.

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Bob Wansink
Software Architect

Bob designs software and systems for Labs. Before, he was a senior software engineer. Bob holds a MSc in computer science from Leiden University.

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Wouter Chömpff
Head of Marketing

Wouter helps UNETI and her portfolio with building brands and writing guides. Wouter holds a MSc and a LLM from Erasmus University.

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Mark van der Velden
Chief Technology Officer

Mark is a technologist by heart. Before, he ran with several startups and was CTO at Datumprikker.nl. Mark holds a BSc of Engineering from the HU.

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Wadim de Boon
Concept Engineer

Wadim creates new concepts for Labs after various roles in the MedTech industry. He holds a MSc in Medicine from the UVA.

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